Price list E-BIKE 2017 PRICE AT THE HOUR
1 hour
Euro 5,00
For each subsequent hour Euro 4,00
half day (9.00 – 13.00) Euro 15,00
full day (9.00 – 18.00) Euro 25,00

Rental conditions for e-bikes

Rules governing the contract: The electric bicycle rented to the tenant is equipped for use only on paved road according to
the rules of the Road Code. The bike is equipped with electronic board computer, security lock with a key in very good general
conditions. The bike can carry a variable path with the supplied battery depending on the weight and the gradient.
1) The Bicycle can not carry passengers in addition to the driver and it is forbidden to load children. Any damage to third
parties resulting from the use of the rented bicycle is the responsibility of the customer and the company is not liable for any such liability.
2) The bicycle is equipped with an anti-theft lock to always use because the customer is responsible for hijacking bicycle leak.
It quantifies the damages to be paid in case of the theft of the same € 1000,00 (thousand / 00) new price list € 1880,00 (one thousand nine hundred and thirty / 00)
3) Pickup and delivery of the bike must take place at our rental center in Casamicciola T. Via Tommaso Morgera n ° 5 (NA) in the pre-established hours.
4) The bicycle is viewed at the time of delivery by the tenant who ensures the perfect condition of the vehicle.
Any dispute concerning this contract will be the responsibility of the Naples Bureau.
5) Credit Card Security.

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